Jothe Jotheyalli: Anu gave this unique gift to Arya

Feb 26 2020 10:08 AM
Jothe Jotheyalli: Anu gave this unique gift to Arya

Arya apologizes for not being able to contact Anu in the TV show Jothe Jotheyali. He then narrates the entire incident and also informs him that he could not go to London.  Anu gets tears in her eyes and she also apologizes to him. While there, Arya laughs and asks her not to speak anything further. Arya also feeds her food. Anu further gifts Arya plant and asks him to take care of it.

Pawan Kalyan supports this film of Nitin

Arya gets overwhelmed and promises to take care of the plant. On the other hand, one's goal is to shoot  Arya with a sniper. But he keeps waiting for Jhalendra's order to fire the gun. Jalandhar then tells him to wait and calls Jhande to inform him about his move. After this, Jhande is worried and tells Jhalendra to remain calm.

Madhavan will play an important role in this Tamil film

He requests Jhalendra not to do any problem with Arya and also warns him. Also, when the sniper is about to shoot, he loses his target as Arya leaves the place. Then Jalandhar takes advantage and taunts Jhande. He then tells Guldar to shoot Anu first. Zhande gets angry and warns Jhalendra. At the moment, Jhalendra has vowed to destroy Arya's family.

Uppam Mulkum's fame actor will be seen in show soon

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