Journalist Vikram Joshi shot dead, incident recorded on CCTV

Jul 21 2020 01:54 PM
Journalist Vikram Joshi shot dead, incident recorded on CCTV

Ghaziabad: Many types of cases are coming up in the country. Meanwhile, some unknown miscreants in the Vijayanagar area of Ghaziabad had attacked journalist Vikram Joshi. Now its CCTV footage has surfaced. In this CCTV footage, Vikram Joshi was going on a motorcycle with his two daughters. The miscreants surrounded him from all sides and shot him. Five accused have been detained by the police in this incident.

Around 5 to 6 miscreants first surrounded Vikram Joshi from all sides. And then started arguing with him. They shot Vikram Joshi and ran away. Seeing the father, the daughter kept pleading for help. This entire incident was captured in CCTV. Now the police is searching for the accused based on this CCTV footage. A few days ago, Vikram Joshi gave a notice in the police station Vijay Nagar, in which he told that some crooks eve-teas his niece.

He had also opposed this, as a result of which on Monday evening, when Vikram Joshi was going somewhere, these miscreants came and shot him. Vikram Joshi's brother Aniket Joshi said in his statement that a few days ago some boys were molesting his niece, which was opposed by his brother Vikram Joshi. Vikram Joshi also gave this information in the police station and the case has also been filed. After that, on Monday, they attacked my brother. Now the police is investigating the entire incident.

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