Bihar Election: JP Nadda says "Gunda Raj will no longer run in the state"

Buxar: There are only a few days left for the Bihar elections. All parties have been campaigning. Addressing the election meeting in this order, BJP National President JP Nadda targeted Jungle Raj and said that Bihar will not be ruled by Bahubali and Gundawaraj. Because there is law and order here. The people of Bihar have also understood this.

JP Nadda said nowadays on RJD posters only Tejashwi Yadav is seen. Lalu Prasad is not there. It disappeared because the voice of Bihar has become aware and knows that loot raj or lantern raj will no longer work here. JP Nadda said, "Never elect a party or a leader because of what he will do. If anyone has to choose, choose on the basis of what that party and that leader have done before. If he has done a good job before, he will do it further and choose him on the basis of that".

JP Nadda said that if anyone comes to the campaign today, he has to ask for votes on the basis of work.  PM Modi has changed the pace of Indian politics. In the first election speech of 2014, no one counted the work he had done. After 2014, PM Modi changed the culture of India's politics.

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