July 16: Learn how to get auspicious and unauspicious fruits during the eclipse
July 16: Learn how to get auspicious and unauspicious fruits during the eclipse

On July 16, 2019, the Khandgrass lunar eclipse. Eclipses assume a lot of rules that people follow. Hence, bathing with rule and restraint should be performed by chanting, tapasya, and havan yagna to attain the attainment of obstacles and pleasures. The chanting, sacrificial fires, donations made at the time of the eclipse are described as of a lot more importance than usual. In the meantime, you're going to get to know what to do and what not to do.

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At the time of eclipse, the female context loses the eye light of both the male and female. Sometimes there is a fear of being blind. Thus the effect of the eclipse is also proven by reasoning and testing. During the eclipse period, mental disorder and mental disorders are also caused by mental disorders and physical health. In this regard, everyone should be careful and keep a few things in mind. On the other hand, the eclipse will take place 9 hours before the beginning of the eclipse. In this case, the child can take the dietary diet of the disabled till 5 PM when required.

At the time of eclipse, the mantra is considered to be the best Muhurat of initiation, because at this time the arbitrary moon, the self-consuming sun, the five-sided body factor, the earth, all three are in the same rhythm on the same plane. In Brahmand, the time of the eclipse in the sleeping body in accordance with meditation helps in success and accomplishment by chanting the mantra favored. Eating at the time of eclipse is a number of diseases. That is why many activities like diet etc. are prohibited. At that time, even the water or food that is stored in the pitcher is not usable again.

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