Jungkook warns fans not to send food to his house
Jungkook warns fans not to send food to his house

Jungkook, a member of BTS, has asked people not to deliver meals to his house. Jungkook issued a threat on Weverse on Thursday, threatening to take legal action against anyone who continues to give him food. He said that he won't consume anything, even if it is given to him. The performer continued by saying he appreciates the sentiment but doesn't enjoy the gesture.

Fans were asked not to deliver meals to BTS vocalist Jungkook's home. The singer of Still With You posted this request on Weverse and issued a warning that if he continues to receive food parcels, he will take legal action against the senders. The fandom is still in disbelief over the message.

Using the Twitter handle @BTStranslation_, Jungkook tweeted, "Please don't deliver food to my home. I won't eat it, even if you send it. Although I appreciate the thought, you (the sender) can buy and consume it since I eat well on my own. I'm asking for. I'll check the order number on the receipt and take action if it's sent once more. So, could you please stop heh?

The fanbase has responded to the message. Many fans pleaded with them to respect his privacy.

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