Justin Bieber's new song video shows him in a different avatar; see here!
Justin Bieber's new song video shows him in a different avatar; see here!

Justin Bieber is again into discussions because of his new track. Recently, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin during their road trip adventures had travelled to Chicago, Illinois in order to spend some quality time with their friend Chance The Rapper. This amazing duo has worked in albums like No Brainer and Confidence. Since then, there have been speculations among the fans regarding their next track. 

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After months later, Holy is now on board. There came the announcement that Bieber's collab with Chance The Rapper titled Holy was coming out on September 18 which made their fans go-la-la. After treating fans with a righteous teaser, Holy MV is here. The music video which is bound in holiness views Justin as a hard-working oil rig worker who faces unemployment due to a "global situation," which could be hinting at the COVID-19 pandemic though it was not clearly shown while Star actress Ryan Destiny was seen as his love interest.

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Destiny portrays the role of a loving nurse who is shaken after a patient she shares a close attachment with dies. As the couple is unable to pay their rent, they're kicked out by the landlord only to encounter Wilmer Valderrama who is seen as a returning Army officer. "I'm heading in the direction of a warm meal," Valderrama presents an offer which the subjugated couple happily accepts. The trio then heads to Wilmer's home where his wife and two kids await his return. The music video reaches its conclusion as the couple and the family enjoy dinner together before Justin and Ryan share a warm embrace. During his catchy rap verse, Chance The Rapper also makes a power-packed appearance.

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