Justin Trudeau Reaffirms Commitment to Strengthen Ties with India Amid Diplomatic Tensions
Justin Trudeau Reaffirms Commitment to Strengthen Ties with India Amid Diplomatic Tensions

In a significant diplomatic move, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sought to mend fences with India, underscoring his commitment to forging closer bonds between the two nations. Trudeau's remarks come in the wake of a recent controversy he triggered, accusing Indian agents of involvement in the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, which plunged India-Canada relations to an unprecedented low point.

Trudeau's earlier comments in the Canadian Parliament had sent shockwaves through diplomatic circles, as New Delhi vehemently dismissed the allegations as baseless and politically motivated. India has since called upon Canada to take action against Khalistani terrorists and extremists who find shelter within its borders.

Speaking at a press conference held in Montreal, Trudeau emphasized the paramount importance of Canada and its allies engaging in constructive and substantive dialogues with India, given the nation's ever-increasing significance on the global stage.

"India stands as a burgeoning economic powerhouse and a pivotal player in geopolitics. As underscored by our Indo-Pacific strategy unveiled just last year, we remain unwavering in our determination to foster stronger ties with India. Simultaneously, it is crucial, as a nation committed to the rule of law, that we stress the necessity for India to collaborate with Canada in ensuring that the complete truth in this matter comes to light," Trudeau asserted.

Furthermore, the Canadian Prime Minister disclosed that he had received assurances from the United States that Secretary of State Antony Blinken would broach the subject of the public allegations concerning "India's involvement in Nijjar's assassination" during his meeting with his Indian counterpart in Washington, which was scheduled for Thursday.

Trudeau's conciliatory tone marks a notable shift in his stance, as he seeks to salvage relations with India amidst a challenging diplomatic standoff.

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