If you have these mark in your body parts, then your luck is going to change

Sep 11 2019 03:25 PM
If you have these mark in your body parts, then your luck is going to change

You all must know that every part of the human body has its own identity in Hinduism and according to Samudra Shastra, every part of the human body tells a lot of important information about it. According to astrology, it is considered very auspicious to have marks on some parts of the body and these marks indicate the change in the fortunes of humans. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about some such marks present on the body parts which if you have, then no one can stop you from becoming rich. So let's know about these marks.

* It is said that people who have a mark of Tomar, Chariot, Chakra, arrow or flag, etc. in the middle of their palm are very lucky. With this, such people are born to rule other people. At the same time, they have a lot of prestige in society and these people know how to win everyone's heart well. Along with this, there is always harmony and love in the married life of these people.

* It is said that if the mole is between the palms of your hand, then it can prove to be very auspicious and beneficial for you. Yes, in the middle of the palm, people with moles are very rich and big-hearted and they get social respect. With this, they have to struggle a lot in their life, but one gets success in one day. With this, such people are the most loving in their family and they have a great affection for their partner. It is quite poetic and romantic.

* It is said that people who have chakras or lotus marks on their feet, they never have any loss of money. With this, such people enjoy the pleasures of land and property.

* It is said that those people who have moles on the soles of their feet, they are considered to be the best rulers and with this these people get all kinds of happiness and fame.

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