Mother Sita has a deep connection with the Kalash of Worship, know why?

Aug 11 2019 06:14 PM
Mother Sita has a deep connection with the Kalash of Worship, know why?

There are many things that you should know in Hinduism. All of you know that Hinduism has great importance in worship and uses special materials during this time. In addition to this material, there is another thing that is used in every worship.

Yes, and that's the thing. Yes, there is a belief that the Kalash is considered to be the most important and the Kalash has the maternal powers of all the deities. Yes, say that no pooja is complete without the urn, but very few people know why it is so important to use it in worship. Yes, it's actually a legend that we're going to tell you.

The Special Importance of Moksha Saptami in Jainism

Legend: According to legends, once the king Janak was ploughing into the field, his plough hit the urn buried inside the ground. When he pulled out the urn, the girl was received from it. Named Sita. According to another popular legend, the nectar urn was received during the Samudra churning.

For these reasons, the tradition of setting up a Kalash in Pooja has been in the old days, and as you may have seen, the Kalash is mainly depicted in all the photographs and paintings of Maa Lakshmi. According to astrology, when the Kalash is established in the pooja, it is believed that the Kalash contains the Tridevs and Shaktis.

The day of the festival Bakrid is decided in this manner!

The Kalash also takes care of all the pilgrimages and all holy rivers. It is because of this that there is a legislation to establish a Kalash in all auspicious activities. Tell all of you that gold, silver, clay and copper Kalash can be used in the pooja but make sure that you never keep an iron Kalash during the pooja.

Even Sanskrit Epics teach us the true friendship

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