Kalyugi father sacrificed his own daughter, such an open secret

Patna: A shocking incident has been reported from the Sitamarhi district of Bihar. A father sacrificed his own 12-year-old daughter. After the brutal murder of his daughter, he burned her body, but the bloodstains that fell in the house opened the secret. The criminal has 3 daughters. He doesn't like daughters, so killed a daughter.  

The same case is of Faraulia Tola of Kushmari panchayat in the Sitamarhi district. This came to light when the news of the girl's disappearance from the house spread. This spread to the surrounding settlements and tolas as well. Then there was news of a body being burnt outside the village. Then the people of the village told that Indal Mahato of the village lives in the circle of sweepers and Tantriks. The missing daughter belongs to him, so he is suspicious of her. When people reached home, bloodstains were seen on the wooden outpost in Mahato's house. After that, people caught hold of him and informed the police after tying his hands and legs. The police arrested Mahato on suspicion. He is being questioned.

The wife of the same criminal Indal told the police that her husband did not like daughters. He was often worried about their marriage. He said he would kill his daughters. Mahato had 3 daughters. The elder is married. My wife went with her little daughter. The third daughter was with her father at home. That's why he killed her.  

Acid was thrown on the girl in 2005, she was sentenced to 7 years for that crime... she raped the same woman as soon as she got out of jail"

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