Kangana outraged by international media, says, 'You don't have any sense'
Kangana outraged by international media, says, 'You don't have any sense'

Kangana Ranaut is seen getting agitated day in and day out. He is not far behind in getting angry. She easily got out of her mind. You must have seen Kangana venting her anger by posting some videos on social media day in and day out. Kangana is angry with what the international media is writing on how India is currently dealing with the corona epidemic and has now vented her anger. She shared a video from his house last Friday afternoon. You can see she looks quite angry in this video.



You can see in the video, she has asked the authorities to take action against those who criticize the Government of India. In the video, Kangana said, "In times of any trouble, other countries start targeting India. India is shown as if people have just become human beings from monkeys. Unless they come and enslave you except the four whites, you will not know how to sit up and eat. You don't know what democracy is like. Who should you choose? You don't have the sense. Who makes their channel, who is an intellectual? Pictures of corpses appear in the magazine and these corpses are the best selling.''

You can hear Kangana has lashed out at this video. Well, if you remember, Kangana has already got angry with Chetan Bhagat. In fact, Chetan had called Pfizer and Moderna vaccine the best, and Kangana had questioned where they are the best. Stop hating India and Indians.

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