Kangana Ranaut Criticizes Rahul Gandhi's Remarks on Agniveer Scheme
Kangana Ranaut Criticizes Rahul Gandhi's Remarks on Agniveer Scheme

Shimla: Kangana Ranaut, the Bharatiya Janata Party candidate from Himachal Pradesh's Mandi, criticized Rahul Gandhi for his recent remarks about scrapping the Agniveer scheme if his party came to power. Ranaut condemned Gandhi and the Congress party, accusing them of spreading rumors and resorting to low tactics to win.

In her conversation with the media, Kangana Ranaut stated, "I don't want to delve into what he has said. Our Sankalp Patra outlines our commitments to the Army and the youth. They (Congress) have no other means to win, so they have stooped so low as to spread rumors by offering money. They are spreading falsehoods on issues like reservation and the constitution."

Ranaut emphasized, "They are consistently spreading misinformation about reservations. SC or ST reservations will not be revoked. There will be no alterations to the Constitution. Despite the Union Home Minister clarifying on the Agniveer Scheme, these individuals continue to propagate lies. This demonstrates that, for political gain, they have sunk to despicable depths."

The Agnipath scheme, announced by the Centre in June 2022, aims to recruit soldiers for a four-year term, with 25 percent having the option to continue in regular service. Those recruited under the scheme are referred to as 'Agniveers'.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and other opposition parties have been relentless in their criticism of the Narendra Modi-led government over the Aginveer scheme. Rahul Gandhi, speaking at a public rally in Haryana's Mahendragarh on May 22, accused the PM Narendra Modi-led government of treating India's soldiers as laborers and pledged to abolish the Agniveer scheme upon assuming power.

Gandhi asserted, "After June 4, the INDIA bloc will dismantle this Agniveer scheme and discard it. The Army does not endorse this scheme; it has been imposed by the PMO. The INDIA bloc government will come into power, and our first action will be to discard this Agniveer scheme. We will tear it into pieces and dispose of it."

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