Kangana Ranaut killed the audience with her speech on GQ's
Kangana Ranaut killed the audience with her speech on GQ's

Kangana Ranaut is tha lady of her words and is always vocal about herself and people around her. She attended GQ last night and graced with GQ Woman of the Year award. She flaunted herself with so grace in Pink gown and stole the hearts of her fan.

Last night she accepted the award with speech you heard never before. Her speech was worth to mention. One must read her speech at once. She said,

"I’m not used to award functions but this one is very special. I got to know about it a few months ago – they tell you way in advance. I think at the beginning of the year, when I just declared myself to be a witch, I got a call from Che (GQ India editor) and he’s like “You are our ‘Woman of the Year’. So he called me yesterday and said “You have to give a speech” I said, “Okay, I’m going to be in a room full of amazing, highly accomplished, exciting, sexy men, I’ll say something sweet. He’s like “No, ‘Woman of the Year’ stands for your spirit, it’s all about fighting and standing up for yourself”. I’m like, “Okay, but why can’t I say something sweet?”.

I have to make a confession, my hotness is so underrated. Nobody talks about my abs, not that I have any, but nobody wants to know about my diet either. So I think it is a little unfair and shameful. No matter how many lingerie shoots do I do for you all, it is always with the spirit, han?” So thank you for this, I appreciate it. I believe that some of it belongs to my hotness quotient and I think it’s all about just having fun."

This is really something to notice. Well said Kangana!

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