Kangana Ranaut apologizes for mistake over Malaysia PM
Kangana Ranaut apologizes for mistake over Malaysia PM

Kangana Ranaut is in controversy due to her tweets. She remains in controversies every day. Kangana's controversial tweets are so viral that everyone starts to wonder. Recently, she has once again tweeted a controversial tweet. This time she has described former Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad as bloodthirsty. During this, she also made a mistake in her tweet. When she saw the mistakes, she apologized for it.

However, the mistake in her tweet was that she called Mahathir the President of Malaysia, 3 minutes later, when she realized her mistake, she apologized for it and tried to rectify it. However, Kangana wrote in her first tweet, "This man seems bloodthirsty, what is this stupid analogy? So based on this analogy Hindus have the right to kill Christians and Muslims for the massacres of the past? Being the president of a nation he speaks so stupidly....SHOCKING "

In her second tweet, she referred to Mahatir as a typing error and wrote, "Not the President, but the Prime Minister." Sorry for the typo. But he should be called Prime Monsters. There was a terrorist attack in the church of the Nice city of France, in which three people died on Thursday. There has been a lot of controversy since that attack.

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