VIDEO: Kangana gives a strong message on the occasion of Independence Day

Aug 16 2019 11:44 AM
VIDEO: Kangana gives a strong message on the occasion of Independence Day

On the occasion of the 73rd Independence Day in the country yesterday, Kangana has greeted her fans and urged everyone to be proud of the diversity of the nation and not to be personally familiar, as if I am a woman, I am a man or I am gay. Kangana's video message has been shared on Twitter by Kangana's team. At the beginning of the video, Kangana greets everyone on Independence Day and has since urged the people of the country to be self-respecting and to instil lost confidence.

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The video further says, "We are still trapped in our personal identity and we talk of women empowerment or human rights, we say it is male, is a woman or it is gay, it is from a small town. We are trapped in all these personal institutions, whether he is from South India, whether he is from North India, whether he is a Hindu or a Muslim."

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Kangana further said, "Let us pledge on this Independence Day that we have only one identity and that we are Indians." Kangana has also talked about what we need to work on. According to Actress Kangana, "there are many things that will shape the future of the country. Hygiene is very important as well as safety. So I hope we will plant more and more trees and today plastic has become evil."

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