Now, Kangana's controversial remark on Mahatma Gandhi

Mumbai: Film actress Kangana Ranaut has reiterated her statement on 'Freedom under Begging in 1947.' Kangana shared an old news item that explains how Mahatma Gandhi had agreed that if Subhas Chandra Bose meets, he will be handed over to the British. Kangana Ranaut wrote, "Those who really fought for freedom were handed over to their owners by those who did not have the courage, heat and fire to fight for freedom.''

Kangana Ranaut further wrote that some leaders who did not have the courage to fight against those who oppressed Indians were power-hungry, cunning. She wrote that such people taught us that if someone beats one of your cheeks, put the other cheek forward, that is how freedom will be achieved. Kangana Ranaut wrote that freedom is not like this, but in this way only begging can be obtained. At the same time, she instructed people to choose their heroes well.

Kangana Ranaut claimed that Bapu never supported Bhagat Singh or Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. The actress claimed that there is evidence that Mahatma Gandhi wanted Bhagat Singh to be hanged. She told people that you need to choose who you consider your role model, who you support. Kangana Ranaut wrote that it is not enough to keep all of them together in their memory and remember their birth anniversary every year.

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