VIDEO: 3 girls started fighting in school pulling their hair
VIDEO: 3 girls started fighting in school pulling their hair

Nowadays many videos are viral on social media and now even at this time a video is becoming increasingly viral. This is a shocking video that has blown the senses of the viewers. In this video, three girls are fighting among themselves. Yes and you can see the way the three girls are fighting among themselves, people were stunned to see it.


It is being claimed about this video that the viral video is from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Yes and in this video, you can see all the girls are in school dress. Three girls clashed with each other over something and after this, a fierce fight started between the three. During this time, everyone is punching each other tremendously and pulls hair. On the other hand, other girls are also asking them to stop the fight. However, they did not listen to anyone and continued to fight.

Seeing this video, many people have also got a shock of 440 volts and they are saying about it in the comments. Let us tell you that this whole matter was captured on camera and shared on social media and after this video went viral, there was a stir. This video has been seen by a large number of people so far and many people are seen enjoying the video.

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