Kapil Dev discloses his favourite bowler, says, 'Batsmen get nervous in front of him'
Kapil Dev discloses his favourite bowler, says, 'Batsmen get nervous in front of him'

New Delhi: There are many fast bowlers in the world of cricket today. Kapil Dev, the former fast bowler and captain of the world winning Team India, has revealed himself about his favourite bowler in an interview. Kapil has called Jasprit Bumrah his favourite fast bowler in Modern cricket.

He said that he likes to watch Bumrah bowling. Kapil feels happy to see the 26-year-old Indian pacer's body language and bowling. He has also responded to the concern raised by Michael Holding on Bumrah's bowling action. He said that such action does not drag the body for a long time because he produces speed from very short runups. Former Captain Kapil Dev, who made India the first one-day world champion, said, "It is right to put four or eight overs. But if you are putting 20 to 25 overs on the third, fourth and fifth days of a test match then it is very difficult with such a runup. "

Kapil Dev considers Michael Holding as correct. He said, "Bumrah pressures his body for speed. With such action, I hope that he remains, nothing happens to him. However, with the same attitude and runup, I have seen the batsmen intimidate and put them in trouble very quickly compared to other fast bowlers. "

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