Kapil Sharma hid money in underwear, scared of underworld, know this funny story

Kapil Sharma's Netflix special I'm Not Done Yet has been streamed. In this comedy special, Kapil Sharma is seen narrating funny anecdotes related to his life. In the show I'm Not Done Yet, Kapil Sharma talks about everything from his life, career, parents, wife Ginni and depression. Simultaneously, Kapil Sharma said that when he came to Mumbai for the first time, how was his experience.

Along with this, Kapil Sharma said that he came to Mumbai for the first time with 1200 rupees. Kapil says, 'After graduation, there is a break of 3 months, isn't it? I came to Mumbai with 1200 rupees in it to struggle for the first time. I also had some college friends with me. We had heard a lot that there is an underworld in Mumbai. In such a situation, out of fear, I hid my money in my underwear.' Kapil further said, 'People talk a lot when I came to Mumbai, I was poor and slept at the station. I would like to say that this does not happen. The policemen drive away with a stick, the man does not even get a chance to think. I and my friend had landed at Dadar station at 11:30 in the night. Then from there, we went to the friend's relative's house. They told us - will you have breakfast? I said yes so he gave us Poha. Seeing that Poha, I was confused. I thought we'll get something else with it. Because I had never eaten such alone Poha in my life.

After coming to Mumbai, many things were new for Kapil Sharma. Kapil says in his comedy special about this, 'Along with Poha, the lift was also a new thing for us. There was no such big building in Amritsar then. So we used to have fun going up and down the lifts at different places and used to be happy. One such day we accidentally reached the T-Series office.' And what happened next you can watch this on Netflix. 

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