Kapil Sharma laughed at his struggle days and said- 'People will laugh if...'

Famous comedian Kapil Sharma of the entertainment world makes everyone laugh with his comic timing. After television and films, Kapil Sharma is now all set to make the audience laugh on the OTT platform. Kapil's standup special 'I'm Not Done Yet' is set to launch on Netflix on January 28.

The same is going to show a different look of Kapil in the show which you may not have known before. He is going to tell funny stories related to his career and life. Kapil has narrated the story of his love for Mumbai. He also mentioned his recent days in the industry. I had no plans, Kapil Sharma said. People will laugh at me if I tell you that from where I started. I first tried for BSF, then went to the Army. My father and uncle were in the police force. But dad knew a lot of musicians and he introduced me to them. He wanted me to do something different and creative. I remember when I came to Mumbai with my friends.



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Kapil said we were roaming around Juhu beach in search of a director. As if we don't have anything to do in life. A lot of things have changed since then. This is Mumbai. That's what it does. It gives a scooter man like me an opportunity to stand on stage and entertain the audience. I remember I was brand new in Mumbai and I didn't know what was going to come my way. To come here by way through the streets of Mumbai. Which I only dreamt of. Kapil is called comedy king. His show has been making the audience laugh for many years and is still making people laugh.

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