Kapil Sharma's kidnap had become in the rounds of the song, you will be stunned to know the story

Famous comedian Kapil Sharma's Netflix special I'm not done yet has hit Netflix. In this comedy special show, Kapil Sharma has told many parts about his life. At the same time, he said how his career started. Kapil Sharma says that he was fond of singing since childhood. In such a situation, he used to sing in school and college. Then, he got his first job as a backup singer.

With this, Kapil Sharma said that he used to start his career as a backup singer for singer Amrinder Gill. In such a situation, once the singer with whom he was working had to perform at a wedding. The singer said that he will not be able to perform at the wedding. Kapil Sharma should go and inform the family about this, whose house he is married to. Kapil had gone to the marriage house with his friend and guitarist Dinesh to refuse.

Kapil says that we denied him, so he asked us to close the door. Then the man in that house told us that unless your singer comes, you can't go. In that case, we became kidnaps. The family kept us with them one night and then asked us for alcohol. Due to this, I had drunk and fought with the sarpanch. He showed me the gun, I calmed down. Then the singer came to perform at the wedding the next day and our kidnapping ended.

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