Kapil Sibal had to leave Congress to 'move forward', said this after getting SP's support

New Delhi: Senior leader and lawyer by profession Kapil Sibal has resigned from the Congress. He announced that he had resigned from the party last week. On Wednesday, Kapil Sibal filed his nomination to the Rajya Sabha with the support of the Samajwadi Party (SP). Talking to the media, Kapil Sibal said that he has no complaint against the Congress party. He said, now is the time to move on. But, this statement of Sibal raises the question whether he did not have a chance to move forward in Congress? Or the Congress itself did not want to pursue them?

Kapil Sibal, who was a Union minister in the Congress government, was a member of the G-23 leaders demanding organizational reforms in the party. He has filed his nomination as an independent supported by the SP. Talking to the media, Kapil Sibal said that, I want to be an independent voice in the country. At present there is no independent voice in the Parliament. Everyone is bound by one or the other political party and the members cannot speak their mind.

Talking regarding SP's support for his nomination, Kapil Sibal insisted that he is an independent member. Kapil Sibal said that no one cares about the real problems of our country and its politics, which resonates in the entire house. However, Kapil Sibal refused to speak anything against the Congress.

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