Brutal murder of elderly man to clear 30,000 debt, accused arrested

Jan 26 2021 10:42 AM
Brutal murder of elderly man to clear 30,000 debt, accused arrested

Bengaluru: A sensational case has been reported in Devanahalli in Karnataka. The 22-year-old son of a millionaire killed the elderly to repay a debt of just Rs 30,000. The elderly man who called him a "grandfather" escaped with his gold ornaments. He wanted to repay his debts by selling gold. According to police, the accused youth have been identified as Rakesh. However, the deceased has been identified as Nagara Murti. The elderly often came to meet his brother who was Rakesh's neighbor. That is why there were talks between the two. Rakesh Raees comes from home. In this area, his father has 7 crore land.

Police said Rakesh had borrowed Rs 30,000 from his friend. Now he was under pressure to refund the money. He saw the sexagenarian wearing two gold rings and a chain so he stole and decided to pay the money and then made a plan. Rakesh stabbed Nagara, who was returning home, with a cricket bat from behind first. Then stabbed him in the neck, leading to serious injuries that resulted in his death. Then he threw the corpse into the nearby bushes and ran away with the gold.

When Nagaraja did not return home, his family began researching him, and even Rakesh was looking for him so that no one could be in doubt. The complaint was then made to the police. The police then took the help of CCTV and saw that Rakesh was found to be in a suspicious state. When he was questioned, he revealed everything.

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