BTS 2020 has seen 2.5 crore people log in, BTS 2020 organizer Dy CM at the Valedictory ceremony

Nov 23 2020 07:25 PM
BTS 2020 has seen 2.5 crore people log in, BTS 2020 organizer Dy CM at the Valedictory ceremony

Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister, Dr CN Ashwath Narayana at the valedictory ceremony of the BTS 2020 said on Saturday that as many as 25 million people logged into Karnataka's three-day flagship event - Bengaluru Tech Summit-2020 (BTS 2020) making it one of the most successful virtual events in the country. Aswath informed that BTS 2020 with 248 participants putting up virtual booths and GIA Expo participants from Australia, Canada, USA, Bavaria, UK and NRW-Germany also had their booths was a successful event. The summit had a total 8,507 registered business delegates and 19,381 attended physically for the keynote, conference, awards and quiz competitions. 

"Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020 brought a total virtual footfall of around 2.5 crore (25 million) visitors. Such an overwhelming response shows its global reach and importance," he claimed. The virtual exposure was increased due to few activities like the inauguration of the event was live-streamed on BTS virtual platform as well as the BTS YouTube channel along with other sessions. The social media platform Facebook helped the event to reach 5.42 lakh viewership and also the Prime Minister Narendra Modi Facebook Pages also saw good viewer traffic. 

"BTS 2020 campaign on other social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram brought a total reach of 88.57 lakh viewers besides impressions of 1.33 crore (13 million) and unique clicks of 50,997," he explained. The expo had 146 startups showcasing innovation in IT, Electronics, IoT, Healthcare, Medtech, Agritech, Fintech, Edutech, Mobility Sectors etc. Corporate, R&D and institutions like Biocon, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Amazon, Dassault Systems, ACT, VMWare, Intuit, IIIT-B, IISc also participated. NewSpace India Ltd (ISRO Company), C-DAC, BIRAC, MSME CoE ( IISc) and Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Raman Research Institute, National Atlas Thematic participants marketed through the BTS event lab. The event has 12 keynote sessions and 93 sessions via four tracks. 731 delegates from 25 countries of Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) has participated in the summit. The event has seen 10 ministers from foreign countries as delegations and 8 pacts have been signed. About the interactions, 10,104 interaction at the booth level, people belonging to the age group 21-34 contributes 70% of the interactions and 24% women also participated at the event. 

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