How will the 'message of Jesus' spread by throwing used 'C**DOM' in temple-mosque?
How will the 'message of Jesus' spread by throwing used 'C**DOM' in temple-mosque?

Bangalore: South Mangaluru Police in Karnataka has arrested a Christian man named Devdas Desai, 62, son of John Desai, for throwing condoms used in donation boxes and premises of various Hindu temples, gurudwaras, mosques in the area. The police had been searching for the accused who committed such indecency many times for a year and finally arrested him. Around 5 temples in Mangaluru had complained to the police about getting used condoms on the premises.

Although the police could not trace the accused, the man was arrested on December 27 after he found a used detention box in the donation box of a temple in Korajana Kette village. After receiving a complaint about this incident, the police scanned the CCTV footage of the temple and surrounding areas, in which the man was seen leaving after dropping something in the donation box. On the basis of CCTV footage, the police caught Devdas Desai and during interrogation, he confessed that he had desecrated many temples like this. Although cases have been registered only in respect of five temples, the accused said that he has done such acts at a total of 18 places. Desai has committed such acts not only in Hindu religious places but also in other holy places including gurudwaras and mosques.

Mangaluru Police Commissioner N Sasikumar said that with the help of CCTV footage, the police team has arrested the accused. The accused has been identified as Devdas Desai, a resident of Unkal in Hubli, who has been living in Mangaluru for the last 20 years. The accused used to work as an auto driver, but due to his age, he stopped this work and started collecting plastic and selling it in junk to earn a living. Police Commissioner Sasikumar said, "From the days of his father, his entire family is following the Christian religion. He left his wife and child several years ago and is no longer in touch with them. He is a staunch Christian.'' Police have said that Desai defiled the shrines of other religions to bring people to his religion.

The police commissioner told that 'The accused had thrown the used condoms in the gurdwaras as well as the mosques of the area.' He has given information about all the places where he has committed such acts. When asked how he remembers all the places, he said that he has worked as an auto driver for 15 years and is well acquainted with all the places. He used to collect the used condoms from the garbage dump. The commissioner said that some articles against other religions have also been recovered from Desai's house. While talking to the media, the accused clarified his heinous antics and said that he was doing this to spread the message of Jesus. He said, 'I have been spreading the message of Jesus for the last 15 years. The Bible says that there is no other God than Jesus. I used to throw condoms because impure things should be thrown at impure places only. I have no regrets about it. God has given us 70 years of life and I am already 62 years old.'

According to the information, apart from the used condoms, Desai used to put letters hurting the religious sentiments of the devotees and distorted pictures of leaders in the donation box. Police said that the accused is not mentally ill. He can read and write and has answered all the questions. It is clear from this that he was deliberately desecrating other shrines. However, 62-year-old Devdas Desai did not think that the actions he was doing would only spread hatred and not the message of Jesus.

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