Karthikai Deepam 2023: Celebrating the Southern Indian Festival of Illumination
Karthikai Deepam 2023: Celebrating the Southern Indian Festival of Illumination

Karthikai Deepam 2023:Marking its significance deeply rooted in Indian history, Karthikai Deepam, also known as Karthika Deepam, stands as one of the oldest and most revered festivals. This vibrant celebration of lights holds symbolic importance in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and select regions of Andhra Pradesh, paying homage to the boundless essence of the Almighty.

When is Karthikai Deepam Celebrated?

Karthikai Deepam finds its observance on the full moon day of the Tamil month Karttikai, following the Indian calendar's traditions. Originating as a month-long festivity, it initiates alongside Diwali and typically aligns with the months of November to December in accordance with the Gregorian calendar.

Unveiling the Mythological Origins

This festivity intertwines with ancient myths, notably one where a dispute arose between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu regarding their supreme powers. In response, Lord Shiva manifested as a fiery flame, prompting a competition between Brahma and Vishnu to fathom the flame's beginning and end. Taking diverse forms—a swan for Brahma and a boar for Vishnu—their quest concluded inconclusively. Lord Shiva's subsequent return to form emphasized the immeasurable and transcendent nature of the divine.

Legend holds that Lord Muruga emerged as six flames from Lord Shiva's eyes, materializing as six infants eventually merging in a lake named 'Saravana Poigai.' Goddess Parvati gathered these celestial beings on the auspicious day, elevating Karthikai Deepam to a celebration venerating Lord Muruga.
Variety in Names and Celebrations

Revered under diverse names, Karthikai Deepam is known as Karthikai vilakkidu in Tamil Nadu and Thrikarthika or Karthika Deepam in Kerala. The festival resonates across different names such as Karthika Deepam, Trikartika, Kartika Villaku, Tirrukarttikai, Karthikai Natchathiram, Bharani deepam, and Vishnu deepam, embracing diverse cultural nuances.

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