Kartik Aaryan happy with blood plasma donate decision of Corona Survivor Sumiti Singh
Kartik Aaryan happy with blood plasma donate decision of Corona Survivor Sumiti Singh

At this time, Kartik Aaryan is constantly seen being connected to his fans. During this lockdown on his YouTube channel, he started a chat show named 'Koki Askhega'. He interviewed Corona Survivor Sumiti Singh from Gujarat in the very first episode of his show and had an important conversation with him on Corona. Sumiti is one of the earliest corona patients in India, but what Sumiti is going to do now is a huge task and her praise for it is less.

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According to the information, Sumiti Singh is now going to give blood to the patients who are fighting the corona, because to save the patient suffering from corona, the use of blood plasma of a person who has been cured of corona is very effective and it helps the patient to get better soon. Chance increases a lot. Sumiti, who has been cured of Corona, has chosen this method to help others, which is very worthy. While talking to Kartik, she had said, 'Someone has sent me a message and said that will you share your blood plasma with me?' After listening to this, Kartik laughed and said Sumiti's contribution in fighting such disease will be huge, because her blood plasma is very important at this time.

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Today Sumiti Singh donated her blood plasma, after which she shared a post on her social media to bring awareness on the corona. Kartik wrote a thank you to her saying, "I am proud for you, I will ask all the Survivors to check with your doctor that you can donate your blood plasma, this time of serious patients. This is very important. Many thanks to you for raising awareness. " Under Kartik's new hit YouTube series 'Koki Askhega' series, he is interviewing Corona Fighters and he is continuously working to spread awareness about this global epidemic.

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