Katrina and Deepika's initial days were completely different from the rest of the cast

These days Deepika Padukone is leaving no stone unturned to enjoy the success of her new movie 'Gahreiyaan'. During this, Deepika Padukone has also talked about the early days of her career in an interview. Deepika has said how she and Katrina Kaif did not have any manager and PR agent in those days.

Deepika-Katrina's condition was different from others: Deepika Padukone told in an interview given to the media that she and Katrina have learned a lot from their mistakes. Deepika says, "I didn't have a PR agent or manager when I started working. I used to do my own makeup, do my hair. I used to wear my clothes then. Me and Katrina Kaif are among those few people, we have seen a mix of both the things. One where we had nothing and second when this culture started coming towards us and we have adopted it too.

Continuing her point, Deepika further said, "Today's boys and girls are fully prepared. Told them how to stand. how to sit How to keep yourself. what you want to say. what not to say. What to wear, what not to wear. How to make them own hair. How she should do her makeup and I think that's a great thing. We didn't have any of these. We'll have a go at it later. We have learned a lot from our mistakes. But in a way, I am happy because it shows you who you are.

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