KCR Promises Special IT Park for 'Muslim Youth' if Victorious in Telangana Elections
KCR Promises Special IT Park for 'Muslim Youth' if Victorious in Telangana Elections

Hyderabad: In an effort to appeal to minority voters, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who also serves as the president of BRS, announced plans to establish a special Information Technology park near Hyderabad for Muslim youths if re-elected. The announcement came during a rally in Maheshwaram, the constituency from which Education Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy is contesting in the November 30 polls.

Addressing the crowd, KCR emphasized his government's approach of treating Muslims and Hindus as equals, referring to them as "two eyes" that are taken along together. He pointed out the inclusive initiatives already in place, such as providing pensions to Muslims and opening residential schools for Muslim students.

Highlighting the new proposal, KCR stated, "Today, we are thinking about Muslim youths and setting up a special IT park for them near Hyderabad. The IT park will come up near Pahadi Shareef."

KCR asserted that Telangana remains a peaceful state without any law and order issues. He highlighted the government's significant spending on minority development, stating that ₹12,000 crore has been allocated over the past 10 years, compared to the Congress's ₹2,000 crore during its 10-year regime.

Underscoring his commitment to secular governance, KCR declared that Telangana would remain a secular state as long as he is alive. He asked the people to reflect on the achievements of Telangana since its formation, attributing success to his governance, including the implementation of 24-hour free power, tap water supply, and improved agricultural conditions.

KCR criticized the Congress, alleging that they intend to discontinue beneficial schemes such as 'Rythu Bandhu,' an investment support program for farmers. He urged voters to consider the consequences of their vote, emphasizing that it would shape the future of the state for the next five years.

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