'God is being sold in Kedarnath', know why people are saying this
'God is being sold in Kedarnath', know why people are saying this

It is said that without touching the Shivling, the darshan is not considered complete. Looking from a distance does not complete the vision. If you have gone to the Shiva temple, you do not deserve the grace of Shiva ji until you touch the Shivling, but this does not happen in today's time. In today's time, only rich people are able to touch the Shivling because now there are VIP and VVIP visits to temples and for that, one has to pay Rs 1000, Rs 2500 or Rs 5000. Not only this, but in today's time, you also need to be rich to anoint Shiva.

If you ask a priest to get the inauguration done by a pandit, he will first charge you a fee and then get the inauguration done. Truly this is Kali Yuga and anything can happen here. How God is being sold, you must be seeing yourself going to the temples. Every other person is not allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, whether old, young or child. However, those who are wealthy can comfortably visit the temple, go to the sanctum sanctorum and touch the Shivalinga or the idol of any other god. If we talk about Kedarnath, then you must have known that people are reaching there in large numbers these days. The doors of Kedarnath have been open since May 6 and since then a large number of people are going for a glimpse, but in the meantime, some people say that they are not being allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum and if Shiva is from outside. If we want to have glimpsed, we can do it by sitting in the house. Many people say, in Kedarnath, the price of Belpatra is 500 rupees, which is available only in 5 rupees or 10 rupees in common cities. In this way, there has been loot in Kedarnath.

Not only this, but people coming from here have also made revelations that only if you are giving money to the pandit here, then you can touch the Shivling and he will vaccinate you or else not! People say that the pandits of Kedarnath are watching YouTube inside. Not only this, but people who go to Kedarnath from Delhi say that pandits are divided according to the state someone is worshipping Rajasthan and someone is worshipping Rajasthan and someone is worshipping Bihar. Apart from this, it has also been revealed that here you are getting a puja thali of 1100 rupees which you have to offer inside. Not only this, but if you have to do the puja, then you have to pay 3600 rupees and only 5 people can join in that also. At the same time, for one hour of worship, 8500 rupees will have to be paid and only 5 persons will have to be paid. Along with this, 6500 rupees will have to be given in lieu of 45 minutes of worship and that too 5 persons. Along with this, 5500 will have to be given in lieu of 30 minutes of worship, along with this, 5000 will have to be given for the whole aarti in 15 minutes, that too in exchange for one person. At the same time, a person can recite 2500 rupees alone Shiva Sahasnam and so on and so on.

Many people even say that in the name of worship, pandits are selling god. By the way, not only Kedarnath but there are many other temples where similar works are being done and people say that this is a business which is going on fast and people are getting stuck in this business. Please tell us what you think about it.

Note: (Photographs are taken from Sri Badrinath Kedarnath Temple Committee-Uttarakhand link)

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