Keep the liver healthy by adopting these ayurvedic ways

Jun 21 2019 08:54 PM
Keep the liver healthy by adopting these ayurvedic ways

Liver is the most important part of our body and plays an important role in our de-duplicity. You may have any trouble if something goes on. Nowadays almost every woman has some stomach problems, do you know that this problem is more due to liver disturbances? Women of today are unable to pay specific attention to their diet, which can cause liver failure, or other liver problems such as fatty liver, bloating and liver infections. Here are some tips to avoid.

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Symptoms of liver failure

To come scum from the mouth.
Falling dark spots under the eyes.
Always having pain in the stomach.
Not digesting food correctly.
White spots on the skin.
The darker color of the urine or tool.
There may be other symptoms of liver failure, which can be detected only after the test.

Ayurvedic tips for keeping liver healthy

Drink turmeric in milk before going to bed at night as turmeric is an immune boost and prevents the spread of the virus due to hepatitis B and C. It also helps you with dangerous diseases like diabetes, fatty liver, insulin and obesity.

Add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and honey to a glass of water and take it two to three times a day. It helps in removing the toxin in the body. that keeps your liver healthy. Drinking apple vinegar before eating is less fat.

Amla is the best source of vitamin C and helps make the liver functional. You should take 4-5 amla amla a day for healthy liver.

All of you know that papaya is a panacea for almost all stomach-related diseases, drink half a teaspoon of lemon juice in two teaspoons of papaya juice every day to relieve many stomach problems, especially in "liver cirrhosis".

The mixture of spinach and carrot juice are beneficial home remedies for "liver cirrhosis".

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