Keep these things in mind while wearing and taking off masks
Keep these things in mind while wearing and taking off masks

The world has not discovered any vaccine for coronavirus. Because of which only this virus can be avoided. Explain that the principle of physical distance against Coronavirus is important. The second safest solution for this is the mask after lockdown. Among the health experts, including the World Health Organization, there are two opinions about the mask whether it should be made mandatory or not.

Priyanka Vadra wrote a letter, "We'll work together"

There is no harm in wearing masks, people must wear masks according to their convenience. In India, the Prime Minister's Scientific Advisor has also asked people to wear masks, so that they can get great support in the fight against Corona virus.

CM Shivraj will address the people of the state through this medium at 8 pm tomorrow

But still, a question arises that there is a shortage of N-19 and N-99 masks in the country. The government has asked to deploy available resources to meet the needs of people working in the medical field. But surgical masks are available in quantity in the country and their supply is also considerable. However, there is a problem with this. The surgical mask should be replaced after a few hours. In such a situation, wearing it can also prove to be financially costly. In such a situation, the government has advised that people make masks of cotton cloth at home and wear them, only wash them thoroughly after every use.

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