Kerala man assaults his wife when she refuses to donate her kidney

Thiruvananthapuram: Police said on Friday that a man in Thiruvananthapuram was detained for allegedly assaulting his wife and children after she refused to donate her kidney to help him pay off his debts. Sajan became enraged at his wife's change of heart, according to reports from Vizhinjam, near the famous Kovalam beach in the state capital city.

Sajan owed Rs 4 lakh in debt, and in order to pay it off, it was arranged that his wife would donate one of her kidneys to a Malappuram resident in exchange for Rs 9 lakh.

In Kerala, there are brokers who go around looking for a donor, and kidneys are sold to individuals who need them right away, depending on the necessity. After the arrangement is made, the donor must go through a battery of tests, which Sajan's wife has already gone through. However, Sajan was enraged by her subsequent change of heart, and he became aggressive. She approached the police since she couldn't take it any longer, and a case was filed against Sajan, and he was eventually jailed.

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