Kerala State ranked fifth in India in Good Governance Index

Kerala is ranked sixth in the country and first among southern states in the central government's Good Governance Index (GGI), according to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

The CM first announced the state's achievement on Twitter, then followed up with a detailed post on his Facebook page. "Kerala was ranked 5th in the  GoodGovernanceIndex and has achieved significant progress in a number of areas, including ease of doing business and industrial growth, as well as ranking first among southern states. He tweeted, "This represents the progress made over the last five years."

Later, in a Facebook post, the CM stated that Kerala had improved its Ease of Doing Business Implementation score from 44.82 to 85.00, citing considerable improvement in the commercial and industrial sectors. Kerala was the only state, with the exception of Punjab, to see a considerable increase in its score, he added. Vijayan also stated that the state's industrial sector's combined annual growth rate increased from 1.00 in 2019 to 7.91 in 2021.

Kerala improved its ratings in human resource development, skills training, and employment availability ratio, in addition to boosting its Ease of Doing Business Implementation score, he said, adding that the state ranked first in the public health and environmental areas.

The state also placed second in the categories of judiciary and public safety, and third in the category of social welfare development.

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