Kerala-based Startup ups the Educating Game via AR
Kerala-based Startup ups the Educating Game via AR

A Kerala-based startup aims to change how science concepts are taught in schools in India. The trio in their 20s came up with a solution, TutAR, an app that uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology as a way to explore basic science concepts in 3D, making learning more fun and a little less boring. 

The solution is targeted at educators, Tutar GIVES EDUCATORS a unique way to make students understand science through 3D models and improve the quality of education for the coming generation. 

Co-founder and CTO of TutAR Shyam Pradeep Allil said that they are not aiming to be an Edtech platform that replaces the traditional way of teaching. The idea behind the application is to make learning interactive with the help of technology. 

TutAR was first started by Tom Thompson from St. Joseph College of Engineering and Technology, and Shyam Pradeep Allil from Government Engineering College, Thrissur.

 They met through a technology platform called IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) where they started conducting workshops on AR and VR for institutes and colleges across India. Subsequently, Suvith S joined the team as the CSO responsible for the expansion of TutAR.

The was first launched during the first lockdown due to the Covid-induced pandemic, due to which schools had to be shut down. They saw the opportunity of having a platform/or app through which teachers could create a great learning environment for the students by using interactive technology. 

Virtual Reality was also among their options but later settles with Augmented Reality (AR) as the technology could be accessed through the web and smartphones, opening a new world of possibility and turning a classroom into a digital education platform, something that would have been hard to achieve via VR that required expensive headsets and a proper understanding of the technology. 

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