Know the merits and demerits of Keratin treatment for hair

Oct 10 2019 10:55 AM
Know the merits and demerits of  Keratin treatment for hair

These days most people are using 'Shining Keratin' to keep hair healthy. According to beauty experts, it is very important to have healthy hair for the perfect hairstyle. And there can be nothing better than keratin treatment for this. Keratin treatment makes your hair healthy but also has side effects. It can be beneficial for your hair as well as cause harm.

Today we are going to tell you what is this keratin. Pollution causes your hair to deteriorate as well as the problem of dandruff and dryness in the hair. But you can get rid of it through keratin treatment. Apart from this, hair proteins start getting depleted in old age, which damages hair. In such a situation, keratin treatment makes your hair shiny and silky, eliminating the freeness of your hair.

These side effects cause hair loss, after the keratin protein treatment, you have to use special shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products continuously. Which is important to use as it is very beneficial for your hair. After applying the keratin, the hair starts to look completely straight and the volume and bounce disappear from the hair. Your hair will become oily and grizzy immediately. After getting the keratin, you will not be able to wash your hair for a few days, it costs a lot of money to get the keratin treatment done, but its effect is only visible on the hair for 3 to 5 months. During treatment, such chemical is used due to which things like skin allergy, itching and burning in the eyes can start.

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