Vastu Gyan: Know special thing about lighting a lamp in the house
Vastu Gyan: Know special thing about lighting a lamp in the house

The lamp is generally considered to be the only illumination medium. Talking about Hinduism, then it is not only known for this light, but the lamp has its own importance in it. Everyone would know that a lamp is used in all types of worship and religious work of Hinduism. Rather, worshiping any deity without a lamp is not considered complete. This is the reason that many remedies related to it are mentioned in astrology, due to which the Vastu Dosh in life will be removed.

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Some such special measures related to Deepak or Miracle remedy of Deepak - To highlight the fate of husband and for the happiness in your married life, the lady of the house should light a lamp of ghee in the temple of the house every evening and chant 'ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं कमले कमलालये प्रसीद श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं ॐ महालक्ष्मयै नम:' for 108 times. The married couple in which there are frequent quarrels, light a lamp of ghee in front of a picture or statue of Shri Ram and Goddess Sita every morning and pray to get rid of their problems. To remove unknown fear, light a mustard oil lamp in the Bhairav temple every Monday and Saturday.

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With respect in society, he should also get respect in the family, but this cannot happen and offer water to the sun every morning and perform aarti by lighting lamps in front of them. These measures can be done by both husband and wife. In the same evening, burning oil or ghee lamps on both sides of the door increases happiness and prosperity in the house. If there is a defect of Rahu-Ketu in the horoscope of a member of the same family, then burn a lamp of linseed oil in the house in the morning and evening. Chant the mantra 'ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय या कृं कृष्णाय नम:'

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