After all, why are Auspicious works not done during Kharmas?
After all, why are Auspicious works not done during Kharmas?

According to astrology, every year there is kharmas between the month of Margasirsha and the month of Paush. Because of this, the Sun enters Sagittarius and Kharmas begins. Kharmas comes to an end when the Sun enters Capricorn by staying in Sagittarius for a month. The month of Kharmas is considered auspicious for worship lessons in astrology, but it forbids any kind of auspicious activities.

The month of Kharmas is starting from 14th December and will continue till 14th January. With this, all auspicious works like marriage, engagement, Yagyaopaveet, home entry, shaving etc. will also be banned. Apart from this, work like buying a new house or a new vehicle will also not be done. Know here what is Kharmas and why auspicious works are prohibited in it.

That is why good deeds are not done:- According to astrology, the Sun stays in each zodiac for about a month and then changes the zodiac. In this sequence, when they enter Sagittarius, then there is a ruckus. Sagittarius is the sign of Jupiter. It is a tradition that whenever the Sun-God travels on the sign of Jupiter, it is not considered good for human beings. In such a situation, the Sun becomes weak and is considered to be dirty. This month is also called Malamas because of the sun being dirty. The nature of the Guru gets fierce. Since the Sun is considered an important causative planet in Hinduism, the weak position of the Sun is considered inauspicious. Apart from this, Brihaspati is called Devguru and his nature is not good for aggressiveness. Because of this, any kind of auspicious work is banned in Kharmas. According to the Hindu calendar, this month is Paush, hence it is also known as Paush month.

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