Khukumoni Home Delivery update: Khukumoni tells Bhisma to do what he wants do
Khukumoni Home Delivery update: Khukumoni tells Bhisma to do what he wants do

In the most latest episode of Khukumoni Home Delivery, Bhisma gets himself into a lot of difficulty when Nipa tells him to follow her. He longed to eat the delicious food provided by Khukumoni, which Nipa also prohibited. Bhisma is angry and has a sad expression on her face. Khukumoni speaks with Bihan's sister, who advises her to be strict with Nipa and her company. Khukumoni, ever determined, vows to teach everyone a lesson.

She assists Bhisma and feeds him according to Nipa's instructions. Khukumoni, according to Bihan's sister, must have interfered with the food.Palash, Shree, and Nipa are upset by Khukumoni's interference into Bhisma's life. Khukumoni seems indifferent, and she makes it obvious that she will not dance to anyone's tune. Instead than wasting time, she invites Palash's wife to start helping with household chores.

Nipa observes Bhisma eating his lunch and asks what's different about the soup. Khukumoni surprised Nipa by serving payesh to Bhisma instead of soup. When Nipa discovers his lies, Bhisma becomes nervous, but Khukumoni urges him to defend her.

When Bihan discloses that he was playing with them, Bhsima finds herself in yet another bind. Khukumoni advises Bhisma to follow his heart and live freely when Nipa demands an answer. After initial struggle, Bhisma finally gathers the courage to go against his wife. Later, Bhisma, Ashutosh, Bishan, his sister and Khukumoni play cricket.

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