Kidney scandal case started in 2017, accused arrested now
Kidney scandal case started in 2017, accused arrested now

Dehradun: Akshay Raut, the mastermind of the 2017 kidney case in Laltappad, Uttarakhand, has been taken into custody by the police from Assam. Akshay Raut was a prize criminal of 20,000 rupees. Akshay's father and kidney mastermind Amit Raut has already been lodged in Suddhowala jail in Dehradun in the same case.  The criminal was caught by the Laltappar outpost in charge Bhuvan Pujari at that time. The criminal used to lure people under the guise of a hospital and remove the kidney. It was revealed that the rich were illegally given kidney transplants in the hospital.  It has been revealed that the SSP is going to hold a press conference in the case in the afternoon to disclose the matter.

Doctor couple already arrested: The culprit in the case, Dr Sanjay and his wife Dr Sushma, have already been taken into custody in 2017. Around 12 persons including Akshay's father Amit Raut have been taken into custody by the police at that time. Akshay Raut had been absconding since then. It was revealed that the couple from Bihar had taken an MD degree from Nepal.

Under the guise of a hospital, when the real secret of the game of kidney removal and transplanting has come to the fore. Three persons were then found at the spot, one of whom had had his kidney removed. Dr Sanjay had said that he met Dr Amit, the leader of kidney procurement, only in 2017. He had come to the hospital twice with his wife Dr Sushma at his call. During this period, the husband and wife participated in 8 operations.

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