Kim wore such a dress that she became a troll
Kim wore such a dress that she became a troll

Socialite Kim Kardashian's bold fashion sense has become an important part of her fame. She has always been flaunting her boldness in social media posts. Sometimes shared her picture in bikini and sometimes in skin tight leather outfit. Many times she has started getting trolled badly due to her dressing. But this time Kim has come under the target of users for some different reason.

Kim shared some of her poolside pictures on Instagram on Sunday. In which Kim is seen wearing a sports bra, high vest brief and black trousers along with not a bikini. Kim shared this picture in every pose standing poolside.

Edited are these photos of Kim?: Come in the trolls section. Now Kim has neither put a bikini picture here nor any other fashion, but still she has become a point of mockery of the users because of her navel. Actually, Kim's navel is not visible in these pictures. People have trolled Kim Kardashian for not seeing the navel.

People made this comment on Kim's picture: One user, terming these photos of Kim as Photoshop, wrote- 'Does anyone else think it is too edited?' Another wrote- 'Is there something wrong in the second picture, or is it only me feeling?' Another wrote- 'I didn't know their belly button was so low...' Another user wrote- 'You forgot to put your belly button inside.' Another wrote- 'Her belly button left her so soon.' 'Where's Your Belly Button?' With so many comments from people, it seems that Kim Kardashian has failed to photoshop her photo.


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