Congress government had banned Kishore Kumar, will be surprised to know the reason
Congress government had banned Kishore Kumar, will be surprised to know the reason

Among the most versatile and melody song singers of Bollywood, Kishore Kumar was born on this day. In the film industry, the most number of stories of Kishore Kumar are heard because there have been many stories related to him which have been shocking. In fact, he was very temperamental and used to do what his heart wanted, he did not worry about any contract, nor the greed for money, due to this, his stories still surprise people today. Kishore Da was born in Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh and his parents named him Abhas Kumar Ganguly. However, due to his interest in music, the teenager had definitely come to Mumbai and did not forget Khandwa till his death.

In fact, he often used to say, he will leave everything and one day go back to Khandwa. Let us tell you that Kangana Ranaut is going to make a film about the Emergency in the country and this film can be released this year. At the same time, when there was actually an emergency, the situation was very different. In fact, during that time, the Congress government had asked Kishore Kumar to sing a song promoting the government, for which Kishore Kumar refused. Due to non-compliance with the government, Kishore Kumar's songs were banned on government radio (All India Radio). Not only this but another very interesting thing is said about Kishore Kumar.

It is said that in Mumbai, at the time rich people were fond of raising a dog, while people used to put a dog-beware board on the placard outside the houses, although Kishore Kumar had put up a board of 'Beware of Kishore Kumar' outside his bungalow. Who was in the discussions during that period. In fact, Kishore had kept a board of "Be aware Of Kishore" outside his house. At the same time, when filmmaker HS Rawail reached his house from some work, Kishore cut his hand with his teeth. After that, when Rawail asked the reason for this, the teenager said that he should have seen the board before entering the house. Kishore Kumar passed away on October 13, 1987, in Mumbai.

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