Young man attacks people in the library, one woman killed

Mar 28 2021 01:13 PM
Young man attacks people in the library, one woman killed

The suspect stabbed several people at a public library in Vancouver, Canada. One woman lost her life and several others were injured in the attack. The police arrested the accused. Frank Zhang of the Integrated Murder Action Team reported that a suspect has been detained. He told that he is around 20 years of age.

As for this, the authorities were not yet aware of the motive behind the incident. Steve Mossop, an eyewitness, said that he and one of his companions saw a woman in blood, who told them that she had just been stabbed. After which he saw many victims in a radius of about 100 meters.

Mossop said of the attacker, 'It seemed that he was running in one direction and stabbing everyone who was on the way'. Canadian Public Security Minister Bill Blair expressed his sorrow over the incident on Twitter, calling it a "senseless act of violence".

Interrogation of the accused continued: According to the information received, at present, the Integrated Human Murder Investigation Team in the case has taken the accused into their custody. The police are questioning him about why he  murdered so that further action can be taken in the case.

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