Know 5 special things related to 'Vivah Rekha'

Jun 26 2020 04:00 PM
Know 5 special things related to 'Vivah Rekha'

The lines on our hand tells about the love affair and married life of every person. In such a situation, you must have seen that the Vivah Rekha is in a sticky position on the bottom of the little finger. It is said that the part under the little finger is called Mercury Mountain. On this Mercury mountain, the Vivah Rekha can be one or more.  Now today we are going to tell you the special things related to the Vivah Rekha.

Special things related to Vivah Rekha

1. It is said that if a person has two branches in both hands at the beginning of the Vivah Rekha, then that person's marriage will broke.

2. It is said that if a woman has an island sign at the beginning of the line of marriage, then she is married with some fraud. This sign also points towards poor health of life partner.

3. It is said that if a person's Vivah Rekha is seen to be leaning downwards in a person's hand and it goes down while cutting the heart line then it is not auspicious.

4. It is said that if the Vivah Rekha is going to belong and in the palm of a person and going to Mount Surya, then it points towards a rich and prosperous life partner.

5. It is said that if a line from Mercury mountain crosses the Vivah Rekha, then the marital life of the person is full of problems.

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