Exchange 2000 notes or deposit them in your account! Now
Exchange 2000 notes or deposit them in your account! Now

New Delhi: From today, the process of changing 2000 rupee notes is starting across the country. As soon as the banks open, people will be able to exchange the 2000 rupee notes available with them by going to the branches of the banks. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued guidelines for exchange of notes. 2000 notes (i.e. 10 notes) can be easily exchanged in banks up to Rs 20,000 at a time.

There is no limit to deposit 2000 notes in your account:-

At the same time, there is no limit for depositing Rs 2000 note in the bank account. However, for this, the deposit rules of the bank have to be followed. RBI has clearly said that to exchange 2000 rupee notes, no form will have to be filled in the bank, nor will any identity card be required. At one go you will be able to change 10 notes of 2000 rupees. The 2000 rupee notes taken out of circulation can be exchanged till 30 September 2023. All the banks have completed their preparations as per the instructions of RBI regarding the note exchange exercise. 

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das has requested people not to panic about changing notes. People have more than 4 months time, they can easily exchange 2000 notes by going to any branch. RBI has decided to discontinue Rs 2000 note under 'Clean Note Policy'. Under this policy, the Reserve Bank will gradually withdraw 2000 notes from the market. 

RBI has said that banks should provide some essential facilities to the public in view of the summer season. Banks are advised to make arrangements for shady waiting areas in the branch in view of the hot summer season. Along with this, proper basic facilities like drinking water facility etc. should be provided. According to RBI guidelines, banks will have separate special windows to exchange 2000 notes, where you will be able to easily change 2000 rupee notes.  

Where will the notes be changed in rural areas:-

At the same time, people who live in rural areas can also go to the Business Correspondent Center to exchange the Rs 2,000 note. However, only Rs 2000 notes up to Rs 4000 can be exchanged at the centre. Business correspondents work like a bank. They help the villagers in opening bank accounts and also do transactions.

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