Coronavirus India: Many cases recorded in the last 24 hours

Jan 18 2021 09:04 AM
Coronavirus India: Many cases recorded in the last 24 hours

New Delhi: The havoc of the Covid-19 is declining across the country. In India, 1,05,72672 people have been infected with corona. So far, 1, 52456 people have lost their lives in the grip of this virus. However, 1, 02, 10697 have been recovered after beating the virus. The number of people who are cured by beating Covid-19 in the country is more than the number of active cases. The total number of active cases is 2, 05109.

If state-wise Covid-19 data is analysed, Maharashtra is the largest Covid-19 affected state in the country. The figure of Covid infections in Maharashtra has increased to 19, 90759. With which the figure of active cases is 52,653. 18, 86469 people have been recovery by beating the virus. So far, 50,438 people have lost their lives due to Covid-19.

Karnataka is second after Maharashtra in the highest number of Covid-19 cases, with 9,31,997 people hit by Covid-19 so far. The figure of active cases in the state has gone up to 8,580. The number of healthy people by beating the infection has reached 9, 11232. So far, 12,166 people have died in the state due to coronavirus.

The Covid-19 infection in the country's capital, Delhi, is once again under control. The figure of total cases of infection has increased to 6, 32429. The figure of active cases in total cases of Covid-19 is 2,544. 6, 19139 people have been cured by beating the corona. So far, 10,746 people have lost their lives.

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