know Shocking effects of using headphones

Feb 28 2020 04:33 PM
know Shocking effects of using headphones

Headphones are one of the most commonly used electronic gadgets today. It has played a major role in rise of rise in the audio listening experience of consumers and portable music.
Today Headphones can be broadly divided into 2 categories – Wireless Headphones and Wired Headphones. Both these type of headphones consists of various subcategories such as in-ear headphones, over the ear headphones, electronic noise cancellation headphones, and noise isolation headphones. Headphones range from very cheap earpieces that cost less than RS 200 to ones costing more than Rs 25,000. Though the headphones come with a lot advantages, there are some major drawbacks to this gadget as well. We shall explore some of the bad effects of the use of Headphones.

1. Hearing damage

Because headphones are directly attached to the ear the sound channeled through these headphones are directly brought to the ear. While this results in good quality of sound, this also means that human ears are subject to a high amount of sound volume and get strained. Listening to high volumes of music will lead to reduction in earing ability in the long run.

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2. Public Safety Hazard

As portable music players became popular more people now wear earphones in public. Using earphones they can listen to their songs and podcasts on the go. But this also means that they can be more distracted from the effects of the outside world. Earphones help in cutting off noise from the outside from reaching our ear and thus likely to put the listener in danger by depriving them of one of their most crucial senses. Pedestrians walking in the road or train travellers waiting in station can all be under risk of some injury because they are using the earphones which cut them off from hearing potential warning calls and noises.

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3. Less real world interaction

When you use an earphone, you are also cut off from conversation that happens near you. When you travel in a train, a girl sitting near you might be saying something you have interest in, a conversation you can easily join. By doing this you stand at a chance to get to know them better. There are 100s of thousands of married couples who met their loved ones like this. By using an earphone, a person is depriving this chance of meeting someone new.

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4. Ear Infection

Constant use of Earphones esp the in-ear variety of the same results in long time periods of blocked air circulation in the Eas Canal. This increases the risk of Ear infection and other ailments like ear pain.

5. Exposure of electro-magnetic waves

Earphones emit electro-magnetic waves that can in the long run affect the brains. Inner Ear is closely attached with the brain and thus any bad exposure it has also affects the human brain.

6. TINNITUS (Noise in the Ear)

This is a condition where in a person may hear a constant ringing noice in their ears even in silent environment or at night while trying to sleep. This is actually a sign of damage to the ear and prolonged usage of Earphones.

Too much of anything can be bad and this same applies to Earphones as well. Earphones are highly useful gadgets that can enhance productivity and increase the comfort of the users but it must be used judiciously. There are times when it’s better to unplug from your music player and hear the sounds of the earth. Don’t deprive yourself of those pleasures by hanging on to your earphones. 

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