Know the Importance of Good Friday for the Christian community
Know the Importance of Good Friday for the Christian community

Good Friday has a special significance in the Christian community. This year, Good Friday is on 2 April. On the day of Good Friday, Jesus Christ, the God of God and the originator, was crucified. On this day, the Lord Jesus Christ suffered many hardships and tortures, after which he gave up his life. The Lord Jesus Christ crucified, protesting against all the atrocities happening on earth and conveying love and forgiveness to the people. Therefore, Good Friday is also called Black Friday, Great Friday, or Easter Friday.

People of Christianity observe a fast on this day in memory of the Lord Jesus Christ and go to church and pray. Along with this, the people of the Christian community remember the teachings and teachings given by the Lord Jesus Christ. When the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified, he gave the last message - "Forgiveness is the greatest power".

The last words that the Lord Jesus gave his life, he said, "O God, forgive them because they do not know what they are doing".

He was persecuted long before the Lord Jesus was hanged on the cross, then they were asked to carry the cross on their shoulders, during which they were constantly whipped. Then they were brutally hanged on the cross. It is said that the Lord Jesus Christ was hanging on the cross for about 6 hours.

According to the Bible, when the Lord Jesus Christ was giving up his life, he told God - 'Father, I surrender my soul to your hands'. After this, he gave up his life. On the day of Good Friday, the Christian people in the churches give the message of love to man and forgiveness of their sins, just like Jesus Christ.

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