Know the reasons for your baby cryings

Nov 28 2020 05:22 PM
Know the reasons for your baby cryings

Newly become parents face many difficulties in handling things. They may find it too difficult to concentrate because of your baby’s crying and you are too worried because the crying just cannot stop then you need to stop worrying. 

A crying baby is a sign of a healthy baby as they are trying to communicate and they are aware of their surroundings. It also creates a special bond between the mother and the child as we all know a crying baby needs soothing and love and a mother is happy to give both endlessly. Here is how you can differentiate why your baby is crying

Baby’s temperature is too hot or cold

Use the belly of your baby to check the temperature. If it is hot, remove a blanket and if it is cold then put on a blanket to keep them warm.

Hunger pangs

It is simply because they are hungry and want food. The baby will immediately calm down once you give them milk.


If they get tired or sleepy, they start crying and it is a sign for them to let you know that it is past their bedtime.

Uncomfortable Position

If a baby is held in an uncomfortable position they will start crying and try to tell you to get them out of there. 

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