Know this important thing before hair color, otherwise, there will be huge loss

Girls take great care of their hair. Long and beautiful hair is each girl's dream. She takes a variety of measures to make them stylish. At the same time, the trend of colouring hair is increasing a lot. But sometimes there are many problems associated with hairs due to increasing pollution and wrong eating. In this case, the girl inadvertently uses certain things to prevent her hair from falling, which can cause a lot of damage to her hair. There are a few things to keep in mind whenever the hair has to be coloured.

* Girls use Gram flour to wash their hair, but using Gram flour in hair can cause dandruff problems in the hair and Gram flour can also cause hair loss.

* The use of baking soda for hair is also harmful, applying baking soda to the hair disappears the shine of the hair as well as causes hair loss.

* Never forget to use potatoes in your hair, potatoes contain plenty of bleaching agents that are beneficial for the face, but applying it to the hair can turn the hair white.

* Girls use vinegar in their hair to brighten their hair, but be careful if you use vinegar in your hair as vinegar increases the dryness of your hair.

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